Thriving at The Farm

DaisiesWhat does it mean to thrive?

What criteria must you possess to consider yourself to be thriving?

There is this perspective that I have been entertaining today. What if thriving means to be positively stimulated in both mind and body. To be stimulated in such a positive manner that it induces evolution. In my opinion when evolution takes place, it inherently shows you what is truly important in life, therefore brings you to the awareness of what real value is.

It is my perspective that after so much space within you and around you has evolved, one begins to understand how profoundly valuable nature is. I personally consider myself to be at this level of evolution.

So what happened today in my mind is I had my mind and body positively stimulated constantly throughout the day. According to my theory I would be thriving. My thoughts tell me this is what it is like to live and breathe on this planet.

Working2I woke up to a horn call for the 8 am rise and shine. I began to work in the garden for a hour. After that I assisted in helping put up bamboo wafting on a wall of a straw bale building.  I got to use a machete to process whole dried bamboo(machete work is one of my favorite things to do). I also helped apply earth primer to prepare the wall for the plaster.

Next I got to sit in a class with Albert (the mastermind behind this center) and have my mind blown yet again on how great of a solution permaculture is. I had lengthy breaks in between all of these activities. With a wonderful solar shower and a meal made with mine and a friends love to cap things off for the day…I was thriving.

I am thriving.

Now I’m going to give my body a stretch and possibly open up the 5th Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books. I sit here with a attitude of gratitude breathing out the negative, and breathing in the positive.

Today I lived.

Today I thrived.