2019 – Last year of Decade

As this year begins Green Fire EcoMinistry is committed to focusing on assisting local food programs and helping elderly engage in community gardens.  This last year of the second decade of the second millennial (Gregorian Calendar) will be full of strife as political systems continue to fail to meet the needs of people globally and economic hardship is increasing. 

Since its inception Green Fire EcoMinistry has always been a bit ahead of the curve and we hope to continue guiding and assisting Earth Stewards every where who are walking one step ahead of the collapsing bridges that were built out of weak materials. 

We want to thank all of our members who have given so much to help keep this ministry going all these years and we look forward to lighting more Green Fire’s in hearts everywhere. 


Earth Day 2018 Regenerative Design Institute

I can not think of a better way to spend earth day! I got to go to a all day Permaculture class thanks to my good friend Alexa! We got to explore one of my favorite subjects ever! Social Permaculture, the invisible structures of community(and many other awesome subjects). Big shout out to Ryan Rising for teaching such an amazing class today! I loved every bit of it! Massive amounts of gratitude goes out to the Regenerative Design Institute at Commonweal Gardens for all that they do!

A Windspirit Life – A Cob Oven Project

The music is blaring, the laughs are abundant, and the Cobb cha cha is in full effect! There is nothing like the feeling of a group of neighbors coming together to co-create something that will benefit the land and its people. Have you ever heard that term “It takes a village”? I truly believe this quote is tremendously relevant to many situations today. Anything from raising your children, to building your house. It is way more enjoyable and efficient, if a whole community comes together to accomplish something that is directly contributing to the village. Its a total win win.

Before it needed to take a village, I needed to asses the situation of this unfinished Cobb oven project I was planning to take on.

There appeared to be some masonry work with local stones. The motor was concrete. That was a little weird to me. The technique I know has no concrete, just clay, sand, straw and stones. So this was something I had to navigate. On top of this concrete stone base was six inches of cob that formed a ring  around a sand circle that held the fire brick oven floor.

Communities around the globe know this site all too well.


That might not sound like such a big deal at first, but in a Ecovillage setting, it can be progressions black plague.

They seem like great people, no malicious intent what so ever. They either failed to account the time factor for the completion of the task they were in charge of, they were slacking, or many other reasons. Which is cool. Ideally next time they will think twice before biting off more than they can chew.

When all that is said and done, the village is left with this uncompleted project that they now have to delegate and expend resources on. It can be highly unfortunate when these unfinished projects increase in number. They pile up and began to put the community in a never ending “catch up” phase.  This in severe cases can cause a massive blow to the moral of the community members. A worse case scenario would be the members leaving the community.

Moral of the story….. think before you commit.

Back to the Cobb Oven…. There it was. I was going to build a Cobb Oven on top of a preexisting stone and concrete base. I have never done this before, but I feel I am competent enough to take on the task. Here we go, time to analyze!

Okay, the whole reason they put on this Cobb ring on top of the base was to replicate a center full of sand for the fire brick oven floor be leveled in. In the technique I know that I got from the lovely Sigi Koko, requires you to build a hollow base made of stone and Cobb. Basically a cylinder standing upright. Fill it with non-compressible material like tamped gravel, with four inches of sand heaping passed the top. The sand will help level your bricks flush with one another.

This Cobb ring has got to go. Even the fire bricks were molded with the Cobb at the corners. It is totally compressible material. It will weather and crack, most often where the Cobb meets the concrete causing foundation issues.

Why not build a concrete sand box and scratch up the outside so that it can adhere to the Cobb from the Oven. In doing this I will have a strong reliable base that conforms with the preexisting concrete base, and it will provide a surface that will have what it takes to bond with Cobb.

Within the course of a day I built a frame and was filling up my home made concrete sandbox so that I could start leveling my bricks for the oven floor when the Portland cement dried.

Then Wha La! I was ready to make my sand dome on top of the bricks to serve as the interior of the oven.
After the sand dome was completed, it was time for the fun part!

Making the Cobb!

Here we go! The Creation of the oldest building material known to man, the Earth itself.

The biggest resource needed in natural building is Human Power. At the end of a naturally built project, I believe the biggest expense is labor. If a future home owner wants their home constructed naturally, but they are unwilling to contribute their own sweat equity, they better be prepared to pay for the labor.

Which bring it back to “it takes a village”.

One part Clay(that was sourced a half a mile up the road and sifted here) and three parts sand on at least an eight by ten tarp. Starting with a dry mix first, mixing it thoroughly. Building up the dry mix into a mountain followed by smashing the top into a volcano. I add the water in the bowl molded sand hill. Only enough water so that it can be cover with sand with out running off.

Then comes the fun.

I launch myself skyward, I slam down onto the partially wet dry mix with my bare feet. This is the traditional way of making Cobb. Made with the feet, one step at a time, flattening the volcano filled with water then rolling the large Cobb pancake by grabbing the tarp while standing on the mixture. Pull the tarp back, causing the Cobb to roll over itself into a Cobb burrito. Repeat the process at one end of the burrito to make a lumpy sphere.


In whatever way you can imagine. I like to dance and Jump around. Make it fun. I want to be doing things because I want to, not because I have to. Make this play, not work.

Since we were making four inches of thermal mass layer first I wanted it to be a cream cheese consistency. Better it to be a little dry than a little wet. If its too wet it tends to sag when applying the mixture, but if its a little on the dry side you can just wet each handful and work the moisture into the Cobb.

Keeping our hand slightly wet, we slap the finished mixture onto the sand hill that makes up the interior of the oven. We put soaked newspaper around the sand hill so that we know when the sand ends and the clay begins when digging out the sand later to let dry.

Putting pressure downward and from the side, we applied the four inches of Cobb Thermal Layer with no straw, not worrying about making a door(it will be carved out later). Sculpting hand sized balls of Cobb and molding it to the newspaper sand hill starting from the bottom up. With the help of two others it went up in a day.

We scratched up the surface of the thermal mass to give it “teeth” so that it could adhere properly when letting it set over night.

Coming back the next day, we wet it down to moisten it up for the next six inches of insulation. This layer is fifty percent clay/sand with tons of straw. We mix the dry clay and sand first then wet it down and mix like the initial layer. When the mixture is a milkshake consistency you add the tons of straw, but work it in little by little. Its should look like clay covered straw.

Once that was completed I soaked the thermal mass and began to apply the thick insulation layer. This is where I molding the door way. It needed to be two thirds and high as the interior of the oven. I then cut the thermal mass to the newspaper with a trowel. Working the clay covered straw six inches thick, it too was completed in a day with the same help.

I took out one third of the sand and poked my fingers into the surface of the insulation layer to create lumpy teeth for the final layer. Now it was time for us to let it dry for the next seven days.

Clean up began as we prepared to wait about seven days for the incomplete oven to dry.

A few days into waiting for it to dry, Don told me he would be going to Tucson for the weekend and come back Sunday. This would be a great opportunity for me to do some ground work and network with all the sustainable development within the Metropolis.

I smell an adventure coming. Who knows what opportunities will be revealed in Tuscon. I hear many great things about the area. I hope to navigate it well!

Stay tuned for my Tuscon experience!


Apollo Mission Report: Windspirit Landing

We received Apollo Mission Report ‘Windspirit Landing’ video broadcast today on the Pisces Solar Eclipse.  It appears life in parallel Earth worlds is thriving and abundant!

“Hello Green Fire Members!

I have not posted in quite some time for many reasons. Mainly because here at Windspirit where I have been inhabiting for the past month has limited WiFi.

So I shall reintegrate myself with my first Blog on my West Coast Sustainable Development Tour. Today we will start with my landing at the 20 plus year old community called Wind Spirit.

The saguaro cactus stands tall overlooking the sun battered valley. This is Apache Land. Once when there were little problems in the world, communities of people roamed the land, living by their tribal principles. These tribes of people were not perfect, but they lived by land based ethics that had value in the ecosystems they were inhabiting. The indigenous humans of this land lived happy, abundantly prosperous lives. We all know the tragic ending to this story, but there is still hope for this way of life after generations of resistance to the idea.

Driving through the canyons of central Arizona and into the Pinal Mountains, I got to get more of a perceptive on this land’s diversity. When I use to stereotypical think of Arizona, I thought it to be a flat barren landscape that showed little to no life. Well, I was wrong. Though some parts where in fact what I expected, there was much more to see than what my preconceived notions showed me. Small mountain ranges, canyons, vegetation. I saw many highly specialized lifeforms thriving here. It gave me a warm feeling in my chest to know that life was thriving in such hospitable environments. I received a massive upgrade to this feeling in my chest when I arrived at my destination.

Stepping out of the truck with my Green Fire Director/Founder, we saw before us a scene that took our breath away.

We were in the presences of an Oasis. Our senses took in a lush ecosystem of life. There were no words at first, only the sound of the 115 different bird species that called this land their home. Joshua Trees, mesquite, peach, pistachios, olives, and the citrus! We came at just the right time in the season to find the environment littered with grapefruits, lemons, tangelos, oranges, tangerine, and some other varieties I am not to familiar on. Most of these citrus trees were in guilds of aloe vera at the base. What a sight it was. It was profound to think that just a walk up the road there was a native environment that either wanted to poke you, sting you, or kill you. The land I was standing on was a blend of both native species and nonnative productive species. In order to attempt to build soil in this climate, one must increase the amount of water retention in the soil. Which would require you to increase the shade, organic matter for mulch, micro-climates, and terraforming of the land. This place had all of these realities, some more than others.

Wind Spirit Community is a 20+ year old community nestled in a scenic valley near Globe, AZ. There is not much out here of interest besides this community. A handful of privately owned properties along with the surrounding BLM land. So I am sure by now you can imagine how much of a treat it is to see this hidden gem that is Wind Spirit existing where not many things can. Its a breath of fresh air(literally and metaphorically speaking).

After we regained out composure, we saw a visitor walking by. I waved and greeted her from afar. The lady came to introduce herself to us and proceeded to direct us toward the communal kitchen where the last remaining co-founder of Wind Spirit was.

Its was all so familiar. Walking into that kitchen. Seeing before me a round table of human beings sharing their meal with one another. Something about that scene make me feel really good. I think I was feeling community.

As uncoordinated as it was, we went around the table and introduced ourselves to our new friends. I found myself shaking the hands of the man himself, Don!

Don, was an elder gentleman that appeared to have a very passive nature. Very calm and soft spoken, but clearly very passionate about community and sustainability. This man was battling the dreadful lime decease, but this still did not stop him from holding space as the foundation to this community.

We all sat down to enjoy Wednesday night spaghetti dinner, where they invite neighbors and friends to join in the feast.

The next morning I awoke from my slumber in a yellow converted short school bus. I slept like a baby that night in my new sleeping bag supplied to me by GreenFire. I got up and we organized a village tour with Don.

What a tour it was! I saw many sustainable realities taking place here. From solar dehydrators and panels, to naturally constructed buildings and compost toilets. There was even a hand crafted sauna for the community to enjoy. I was grateful for this inside access into the village by last remaining co-founding member.

My Director left the next morning with a warm loving embrace. After a heartfelt farewell, I began giving my contributions to this land.

First I started with some digging work with a pick ax and shovel. It was a mighty fine work out indeed. In the beginning I was just lending them a helping hand with anything that might need. I did not have no real project that was running point on. That was until I walked by this 4ft high stone base under a sturdy new tin roof. I thought to myself,”that looks like the beginning of a Cobb Oven.”

A few moments later, Don approaches me and asks,”So, do you like to play with Cobb?”

A massive grin stretched from ear to ear as I turned towards him and said, “Me and Cobb get along quite well.”

To be continued…

2-22 Green Fire Story

2-22-2002 was a very special day for Green Fire EcoMinistry.  It was 222 days after 9/11 and the whole world was plunged into the age of terrorism…but in a quiet desert oasis community called Windspirit the founder of Green Fire was immersed in a parallel world it seemed.

Green Fire organizes and operates on the Sacred Tzolkin Mayan calendar which means that ‘time’ is a bit different for Green Fire Earth Stewards.  In the Tzolkin ‘weeks’ are not measured by 7 days – instead it is 13 days called ‘wavespells’.  Each wavespell is governed by a ‘solar glyph’ – an archetypal energy that has specific attributes similar to signs of the Zodiac.   It is on the 12th day of the wavespell that is called the ‘Crystal’ day that is optimum for gatherings and events because that day is governed by the principle of ‘cooperation’.

So 2-22-2002 was a Blue Crystal Eagle day in the ‘dreamspell count’….(more on the different ‘counts’ later when we add content on the Mayan Calendar…)  On this day Rev. Cavallara and her paradigm shifting co-conspirators set up for a prayer/celebration gathering in the sacred ceremony area at Windspirit.  The gathering brought out the drums, flutes, guitars and loving hearts to form a circle in the warm afternoon of the desert late winter.

It was at this gathering that a very special spontaneous ceremony occurred that would seed a gestalt of prayers that would grow into tidal waves of momentum for Green Fire……these prayers happened with laughter and love as each person passed around a round mirror that had precariously balanced on its flat surface two objects – a crystal matrix and a crystal ‘key’….. Each person held the mirror and while gazing upon their own reflection and keeping the crystals from toppling spoke out loud their own individual prayers for:

  • The ReGeneration of our Earth
  • The proliferation of EcoVillages
  • The strong bond of human tribe
  • The fulfillment of our collective transition
  • The healing of families
  • The heart songs of all creatures to be heard
  • and…The return of the Buffalo

These were just some of the intentions of those prayers and after the music and celebration was over the ‘Key and Matrix’ was given to the founder of Green Fire to steward….this meant to Rev. Cavallara that she was to carry the torch of these prayers during the long journey ahead.

Many spins of the Tzolkin have happened on the spiral of time and this 2-22 was a full circle – on this day 2-22-2018 Green Fire Ambassador Apollo is at Windspirit Community 3 ‘half’ decades later as a representative of Green Fire’s evolution and commitment – Apollo is the Green Fire torch runner for the same prayers.

On this very special day Rev. Cavallara in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado closed her eyes and relived that very special gathering in her heart/mind and when she opened her eyes she saw the text message that Apollo had sent that included photos of him in the very same sacred ceremony area and in that moment those two ‘time cells’ merged and the Green Fire grew brighter….

Gratitude and deep appreciation to all Earth Stewards everywhere who have kept the flame alive – our world is making the ‘Great Transition’ a reality…..’we have no power to stop that which a force greater than ourselves has set into motion…..”

Apollo Mission Costa Rica Launch

The Apollo Mission is on its official launch countdown to Costa Rica!  After the successful completion of the west coast tour Apollo is now headed to Costa Rica to immerse his fires into the lush tropics and learn/contribute to permaculture projects.  We will post updates and of course complete the media releases in the coming weeks of his tour.

Apollo Mission Launch Party







Valentines Day was perfect for Apollo’s Launch Party.  We congregated around chicken enchiladas and prayers/blessings for his safe journey.  The spirit of the occasion was filled with deep appreciation for Apollo’s tireless work and efforts at his ongoing education and hands on experiential learning process that is self driven from the deep core of his Green Fire heart and spirit.

Apollo has upheld the principles of Green Fire EcoMinistry in all of his words, actions, and deeds…. His support of the ministries relaunch has allowed us to go through some challenges that many organizations in the early stages would fail to overcome.  Our gratitude for Apollo as a true minister of community heart and a champion of Gaia goes beyond words and we are confident that his spirit and strength will bless each community he visits and contributes to.

The Earth needs “Knights of Gaia” to carry the torch of regeneration into these times of Great Transition.  We are honored to have Apollo be Green Fire EcoMinistry’s ‘First Knight’.



Green Fire moving into 2017

2016 was a year of constant upheaval for everyone on this lovely Earth…..

William Irwin Thompson, a historian looking at the history of humanity and change, said that the spiritual visionaries were the first ones to get the new pattern. The artists were next. They had the ability then to communicate it further, and, thus, have a very important function in society as far as changing paradigms. Then came the business people. Of course, bringing up the rear were the political leaders…..

So to put the political upheaval into perspective the events of 2016 and continuing into 2017 are indicative of a major paradigm shift – the tail end of a shift that has been happening slowly for a very long time.

Alongside the waves of change Green Fire was focused on updating and adding to ministry bylaws and minister training program which will be released in the spring of 2017.  Green Fire Communities Ambassador Apollo returned to headquarters to assist with the further development of the ministry and brought to the table many fruits from his summer tour.

As Winter Solstice rolled in plans were underway for the Apollo Mission Stage 2 launch that is planned for February.  Much work to be done still getting Green Fire fully launched but we Earth Stewards are patient and understand the flow of seasons…….

On January 15th at the monthly board of directors meeting Zoe Oriana accepted the Secretary position after her official ordination ceremony.  Zoe will be helping to develop ministry materials and organize events.  We had a beautiful ‘online’ ordaining ceremony for her the Apollo presided over and we look forward to the publication of our official ministers training guide.

Green Fire & Standing Rock

Green Fire EcoMinistry became aware of the Indigenous people in North Dakota protesting an oil pipeline in August and began working in earnest to help spread awareness of this very important issue.    Supporting Standing Rock and the Water Protectors became a priority focus for Green Fire EcoMinistry.

The Earth’s water systems are under constant attack from pollution and toxic waste so the fight to protect water is a battle that has been ongoing for many years by many dedicated Earth Stewards.  Standing Rock has become a global symbol for not just the protection of water but also all the issues that face all indigenous people.

Before the elections we met with local Montrose Native American actor activist Cozme Duarte who was heading to Standing Rock North Dakota to join Water Protectors and bring his voice to the cause of our global crises of Big Oil corporations and government complicity in protecting special interests.

Cozme is the director of the Human Nation project whose mission is to help unite all groups under our common Earth banner for peace and a sustainable future.  Cozme had made a successful trip to North Dakota already where he documented the corporate thugs and their attack on the peaceful water protectors with their dogs and mace on Memorial day weekend.

Cozme received from Green Fire EcoMinistry monetary support for his trip as well as our collective prayers and blessings.