Landing Down at The Farm & EcoVillage Training Center

Apollo's homeWith the sunshine on my face and the birds singing away, I couldn’t ask for a more delightful way to wake up.

As I walk into the Community Kitchen I am giving a warm greeting by three of the fellow interns. I sat down to have some breakfast and engage in some conscious and thoughtful conversation. Even the way one communicates in an EcoVillage is vastly different than how one would conduct communication in the mainstream world. It is as if people in EcoVillages take on empathetic traits when conversing with one another. Also they are more prone to entertaining an idea without accepting it, which is in my opinion essential for harmony to take place between humans.

ThriveSince today was Sunday, which is a personal day for the people here, I thought I would enjoy a long walk in the woods to the swimming pond nearby. I was fired up with excitement on my walk to see all of the life around me in this woody environment. I got to the pond to find a few people there relaxing soaking up the Sun. I decided to join them and spent a few hours embracing the cosmic rays with a few dips in the pond to cool off.

I then found my way back to the Eco Village Training Center to more clearly observe this environment and all it has to offer. I got to have a wonderful conversation with one of the leaders of the center. I had some questions answered and got informed on many realities that take place here. Talking with her cultivated more comfort within myself for being here.

IMG_7348I decided to take a long bike ride to check out the farm on my terms. It was so fulfilling to have the wind blow against my skin while I got to smell the Aromas of wild flowers everywhere. When I returned I introduced myself to the mastermind behind this center, Albert Bates.  I did not get to talk to him much, but I could feel the love in his voice and presence. The energy he has devoted to this place is clearly shown. I am looking forward to connecting with him more.

Now I lay here in my simple new home listening to the voice of the forest. Today was a very relaxing day, but tomorrow is when I get to experience what this place is truly about. It is now time to let Mother Nature sing me to sleep.