Pushing of the Self for Growth

The sLimitstimulation continues here today at the EcoVillage Training Center. I had a call to push myself a little bit more then usual today. we were going to the local food Forest this morning and our team leader was going to jog there. I instantly got inspired, and I decided to join her on the Run. I made pretty good time and didn’t stop to walk once in heavy boots. I was quite pleased with how much my body was able to endure.

After a sweaty couple of hours in the food Forest, we begin to pack up to go back. At that time I didn’t know if I was going to be able to run back or ride with them in the truck. In a second my body seemed to have overrode my mind and I began to run back. I was able to get back while they were walking down the driveway.

I have come across individuals with perspective that this screams that ‘I want attention’ or I am ‘trying to assert my dominance’ with my fitness to other dominant figures in the environment. It is in my experience that the quality of life that I am living now is greatly increased when I am able to push my body and mind to its limits.

ApolloEarthStewardOne must practice humility and combine it with ability to push yourself. I am but one human, I realistically cannot create any real big positive changes in this world without my fellow humans. Which means that the social dynamics between humans co-habiting space together is of the highest priority.  We carried on with the day with finishing the bamboo lafting and earth primer on the wall, and stained some wood with a walnut Brew. After that I pest proofed a worm crate, then I helped make a dish for our pot luck dinner tonight. The food at dinner was delicious and I enjoyed the video Albert showed us on a German architect that was very creative in his design. Tonight I shall sleep like a baby.