Apollo Mission Countdown to Stage 1 Launch

ApolloPrayerThe time has finally come.

I will be embarking to my first destination on my tour tomorrow morning. I will be sharing space with the oldest intentional community in the nation. It is safe to say that this is a path I will be on for many years to come.

Dakota Dickson

I would like to reach out and give my humble gratitude to a few humans that have impacted my life. I believe I wouldn’t be who I am today without their influence.

First I would like to thank my family. They don’t fully understand what it is that I am doing, but they are in full support of my happiness. Which is all I could ever ask for.

Quinn Eaker

Next I want to give my deepest gratitude to Dakota Dickson . When she came into my life many years ago, she brought with her a plethora of conscience ideas. These ideas that she exposed me to facilitated my Awakening. The love and support she has given me played a major role in the birth of Apollo.

It is my honor to give a special acknowledgment to Quinn Eaker and The Garden of Eden. Being exposed to this man and everything he believes in has shaped my perception into what it is today. Compared to where I was at before I meant him, to where I’m at now. I feel I have evolved so much in so many ways.


Jordan Gabriel Apollo Green Fire
Gabriel Larsen, Apollo, Jordan Larsen
A few RMSC Apollo Mission Crew members

 Last but certainly not least, I want to send great love to Green Fire EcoMinistry and the people behind The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Center for all that they have done and continue to do for me. Everything I am about to experience from this point on would not have been possible without their support. Their continued involvement in my life is going to play a vital role in my growth to becoming the man I envision myself to be.


Apollo Mission Interdependent Rocket

Everyone else that I didn’t name and that have shown me love. From the bottom of my heart, I honor all of you. Now it is time to give all that I am to support a world I want the next seven generations of life to exist on. It is no longer about me, it is no longer about my happiness. It is now only about what is Honorable and responsible to this planet and everything living on it. This is the beginning of the rest of my life.

With all the love I have ~ Apollo