Green Fire Ambassador Apollo Mission

ApolloEarthGreen Fire Ambassador Apollo Mission launches in May.  Apollo will be landing first at The Farm in Tennessee to get a full inoculation at the EcoVillage Training Center where master JSun DaGreen, Green Fire cohort, will be guiding his education.

Apollo will be learning many skills while at The Farm that will help him to land and navigate the communities that he will be setting his navigation coordinates for during this upcoming years Green Fire Communities Tour.

Apollo has been loaded up with resources that he can share with these communities and will be writing reports that will be posted on this Green Fire blog to kick off the official relaunching of the Green Fire EcoMinistry.  Apollo was ordained as a Green Fire Minister which empowers him to represent Green Fire EcoMinistry and ‘share the resources with the resourceful’….as well as other clergy duties.

If you would like to help support the Green Fire Apollo mission directly please visit Apollo’s GoFundMe page where you can give some Green Fire support to his journey!