Accepting Guidance

exploringSince Sundays around here seem to be focused on getting your personal things in order. That was just what I got to do. I even took a bike ride down to the swimming hole and I treated myself to a couple dips while soaking up the Sun for a couple hours.

After I returned I was able to share some resources with people at the ETC on a flashdrive that I had received from Green Fire EcoMinistry headquarters.  Later on I was invited to go to the sauna with our team leader. Unfortunately she had forgotten that it was the ladies night down at the sauna. So I had a few options to pick from while I waited or found my own ride back. I decided to wait in the car and write this post. I probably wouldn’t have done this post tonight if this opportunity didn’t present itself. I could have totally been irritated at the fact that I’m having to wait or that I have to find my own ride back. Instead I found a great solution to my dilemma. I was able to cultivate a opportunity within misfortune. The universe works in mysterious ways. I just have to open my senses to language of the universe, and let it guide me.