gratitude-happiness-2That feeling you get when you are being appreciated can be such a healing vibration. When we are able to truly appreciate one another is when we can get shit done! We cannot allow personal baggage and emotional dysfunctions to interfere with being able to appreciate anyone.

I felt I was being appreciated today. I was being appreciated because of my work ethic, positive energy, and just being me. I was also in turn able to emit gratitude to all of them. Which creates this blissful cycle of appreciation, and in my mind, the ideal way to live.

On another productive note, I was able to share with my ETC friends some resources I had in a flashdrive sent from Green Fire EcoMinistry headquarters. The mastermind behind this center even showed one of videos I had given him. It felt good to be able to share this information with everyone. For they have given me much in return. I will have a heavenly sleep under the trees tonight.

chinampasImageWe rallied up to get some cleaning done around the grounds for the solar power workshop tomorrow. We also got to learn and build a chinampa (Nahuatl: chināmitl [tʃiˈnaːmitɬ]) which is this wonderful Mesoamerican agriculture. Artificial Mounds or Islands are evenly spread apart in a shallow pond. In doing this you are able to grow your crops and maintain a healthy fish supply with the Canal’s. I was fascinated on this subject. Following that we dove into some videos on aquaculture and permaculture.

ArkXXIIWhen the daily schedule was completed for the day, we begin preparation for a beautiful birthday dinner. A lovely spread was made along with a elegant chocolate vegan birthday cake with vegan ice bean. As we all circled up to begin our feast one of the interns suggested we go around the table and say something we appreciate about the birthday girl. We went around and gave genuine heartfelt love and appreciation to her. Resulting in a authentic expression of gratitude in response. The cycle of gratitude never ceases to amaze me. We were all drunk on community. The night was filled with good laughs and deep conversations, until we all exchanged hugs and retired to our domains for the evening. I feel I have grown in many ways today, and I look forward to growing more tomorrow.