Community and Roots

RootsToday was the day of the community potluck. I had spoken with a farmy about helping him move some speakers too the Dome (giant steel beam dome with a canvas tarp for roofing by the Farm store). To set up for the Grateful Dead cover band that was playing at the potluck.

Me and two other friends broke a sweat hauling all the gear to the stage, it was a good time. After that another farmy asked me to help him set up for the potluck. We went and collected and set up items for the feast. Then it began. From all directions in a gradual flowing stream, the people were started to gather. As soon as the music started to resonate throughout the land, more of the community came to meet their beloved neighbors in peace. They came with hugs, kisses, and food. I could feel the love that these people had for each other.

As I sat back to observe my environment, a  nostalgic feeling flowed through me. I see before me a wonderful example of the possibilities. It is possible to cohesively exist with one another on this planet. I also feel that we have done this before on a large scale, before our modern civilization occurred. Something very primal within me and all other life helps us remember how important it is to live in harmony with our own kind and live in balance with all life. What I experienced today was only a taste of what could be possible when this is applied to the masses. In returning to our roots, we will find harmony.