Apollo Mission Launch Party







Valentines Day was perfect for Apollo’s Launch Party.  We congregated around chicken enchiladas and prayers/blessings for his safe journey.  The spirit of the occasion was filled with deep appreciation for Apollo’s tireless work and efforts at his ongoing education and hands on experiential learning process that is self driven from the deep core of his Green Fire heart and spirit.

Apollo has upheld the principles of Green Fire EcoMinistry in all of his words, actions, and deeds…. His support of the ministries relaunch has allowed us to go through some challenges that many organizations in the early stages would fail to overcome.  Our gratitude for Apollo as a true minister of community heart and a champion of Gaia goes beyond words and we are confident that his spirit and strength will bless each community he visits and contributes to.

The Earth needs “Knights of Gaia” to carry the torch of regeneration into these times of Great Transition.  We are honored to have Apollo be Green Fire EcoMinistry’s ‘First Knight’.