Green Fire moving into 2017

2016 was a year of constant upheaval for everyone on this lovely Earth…..

William Irwin Thompson, a historian looking at the history of humanity and change, said that the spiritual visionaries were the first ones to get the new pattern. The artists were next. They had the ability then to communicate it further, and, thus, have a very important function in society as far as changing paradigms. Then came the business people. Of course, bringing up the rear were the political leaders…..

So to put the political upheaval into perspective the events of 2016 and continuing into 2017 are indicative of a major paradigm shift – the tail end of a shift that has been happening slowly for a very long time.

Alongside the waves of change Green Fire was focused on updating and adding to ministry bylaws and minister training program which will be released in the spring of 2017.  Green Fire Communities Ambassador Apollo returned to headquarters to assist with the further development of the ministry and brought to the table many fruits from his summer tour.

As Winter Solstice rolled in plans were underway for the Apollo Mission Stage 2 launch that is planned for February.  Much work to be done still getting Green Fire fully launched but we Earth Stewards are patient and understand the flow of seasons…….

On January 15th at the monthly board of directors meeting Zoe Oriana accepted the Secretary position after her official ordination ceremony.  Zoe will be helping to develop ministry materials and organize events.  We had a beautiful ‘online’ ordaining ceremony for her the Apollo presided over and we look forward to the publication of our official ministers training guide.