Green Fire ReKindled


The story of Green Fire goes back to 1996 when founder Darlene Cavallara began what she now refers to as ‘The Great Exodus’…..leaving behind the world she knew to find a path that would lead to a better future for all whom she loved – which as a humanitarian included all humans on Earth.  She had grown up in a small town in Northern California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains but had left home at the age of 14 (her first exodus).

From 1996-2000 she underwent a complete rebirth and awakening to the Great Transition that is happening on our planet.   Her journey began with a backpack, a prayer, and an open road across the deserts of Nevada and Utah.  Colorado would be the place where the first embers of Green Fire would be fed by powerful agents of change within the emerging sustainable living paradigm.

Green Fire was officially born in the year 2000 after those years of living and learning among communities of pioneering individuals.  It was a ‘nomadic’ ministry based upon the principles of Deep Ecology and operated within the framework of the Sacred Tzolkin Mayan Calendar.  You can read more history about Green Fire here.

Now in this beginning of 2015 – almost a decade since the ministry went into a hibernation cocoon – Green Fire is emerging once again to spread its wings and fan the flames of the regenerative fire that is engulfing our world……