Eyes of a Child

June 21st-27th 2016

Child11I couldn’t be more satisfied with the week that has passed by. There has been transitions taking place within the community here. The apprentices have graduated from their permaculture design course. A wonderful celebration was organized for their graduation. We were presented with a lovely slideshow of their history here followed by a potluck dinner.

The moments of time shared there that night will last forever. Shifts were definitely taking place the next day as the apprentices were preparing to depart. Love, hugs, gratitude, and contact information were exchanged before most of them left. I have decided to stay here until the weekend after the 4th of July. So I must maintain a constant positive momentum within myself in order to continue thriving here.

This family reunion (Ragweed festival) is coming up fast. In a few days there will be hundreds of people showing up to celebrate their beloved community. I can not express enough how honored i am to be invited to such a exclusive festival. We need to prepare for the increased flow of traffic here at the center. I’m doing my part in getting the space in order for the guests. I have a feeling that this gathering will serve as a great networking opportunity. I’m really looking forward to the connections I will make and the love I will share.

Child8I’m getting to spend more time working by myself. Which is well timed. The universe provided me some time by myself to reflect on many things. These next few days will be the calm before the storm. I will enjoy staying ever so present. To help guide me, I’m sharing space with a newborn creature. It is a baby chicken, and i can’t help but stop and stare every time i see the mother and chick out exploring. Such a pleasant feeling runs through my body when i am present with them. To see such a pure being discovering life around them. I believe this is the same for all other creatures including humans.

Our state of being in those stages of life are ones of purity. We have not yet been subject to any social, mental, or physical conditioning from our environment. I believe we are products of our environment. Since they have not been influenced for many years, I believe that when we are newborns and young children, we are closer to our natural state of being. Point being, I have always learned a great deal about life through the eyes of a child. Listening to them, being taught by them, treating them as if they were a adult. Ask them questions about what they think, or hows does it make them feel, how would you benefit from this situation, have deep intellectual conversations with your child. Being able to give the youth the opportunity to hold space for themselves as a teacher, is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

ReflectionsI will conclude with a quote from Marcus Acrelius that I found in one of the bus/accommodations that I was cleaning in preparation for Ragweed.

“A man’s true greatness lies in the consciousness of and honest purpose in life, founded on a just estimate of himself and everything else, on frequent self-examinations and a steady obedience to the rule which he knows to be right, without troubling himself about what others may think or say, or whether they do or do not do that which he thinks and says or does.”