ProgramBannerThe purpose of Green Fire’s Programs is to allow projects to be developed under one of the 6 programs to further the program’s mission. A project proposal can be submitted to Green Fire’s Board of Directors and upon approval the project becomes eligible for support from the EcoMinistry. This support includes the development of a webpage for the project on the main site, a donation link button, networking, ministry and administrative assistance support. Fundraising can be done for the project through the ministries fundraising efforts and administrators of the project can develop fundraisers as well.

For example:  Linda is a Green Fire member and an avid animal protection activist.  Protection of animals falls under the “Earth Relief Program” mission.  Linda wants to establish a project that allows her and her friends to set up abuse monitoring and reporting but she lacks funding for necessary technology (video cameras) and other minor costs related to her mission.  Linda writes a project proposal and submits it to Green Fire EcoMinistry and upon approval and specified support agreement she now has the ability to do a tax-deductible fundraiser or assistance with a crowdfunder through the ministry.  Linda also gets her project featured and shared within the Green Fire EcoMinistry member networks and access to other minor administrative support.

Some projects will qualify for funding through donations that are specifically gifted towards the program that their project falls under.

This is the purpose of Green Fire EcoMinistry Programs – to support and advance Green Fire members and ministers missions.