Green Fire & Standing Rock

Green Fire EcoMinistry became aware of the Indigenous people in North Dakota protesting an oil pipeline in August and began working in earnest to help spread awareness of this very important issue.    Supporting Standing Rock and the Water Protectors became a priority focus for Green Fire EcoMinistry.

The Earth’s water systems are under constant attack from pollution and toxic waste so the fight to protect water is a battle that has been ongoing for many years by many dedicated Earth Stewards.  Standing Rock has become a global symbol for not just the protection of water but also all the issues that face all indigenous people.

Before the elections we met with local Montrose Native American actor activist Cozme Duarte who was heading to Standing Rock North Dakota to join Water Protectors and bring his voice to the cause of our global crises of Big Oil corporations and government complicity in protecting special interests.

Cozme is the director of the Human Nation project whose mission is to help unite all groups under our common Earth banner for peace and a sustainable future.  Cozme had made a successful trip to North Dakota already where he documented the corporate thugs and their attack on the peaceful water protectors with their dogs and mace on Memorial day weekend.

Cozme received from Green Fire EcoMinistry monetary support for his trip as well as our collective prayers and blessings.