Green Fire Apollo Mission

2004 photo of the “Green Fire’ mobile with founder Darlene Cavallara and board member Beau Shaver.

When Green Fire first began it was a ‘nomadic’ 7 Generations Ministry that served as a networking vehicle for intentional communities and organizations who were pioneering sustainable living…..

Green Fire’s programs were designed to give members opportunities to develop and receive support for projects that had missions around protecting and healing the Earth as well as these communities that were established to foster healthy living.

During these travels connecting with people everywhere it became apparent that many of these communities had no way to really connect with each other and it became a primary focus to build an online private network where resources and information could be easily shared thus the birth of the Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Communities Network.

Now in 2016 Green Fire EcoMinistry is relaunching with the Green Fire Apollo Mission….

Meet Apollo Wilson Green Fire EcoMinistry Communities Ambassador

ApolloPrayer“Around two years ago I made a decision that would change my life forever. I dropped my normal life to go live in an EcoVillage near Dallas Texas. Everything I thought I knew about living life was questioned here at the Garden Of Eden. I have gained not only a whole new outlook on life but some tangible skills as well. I sit here now with a passion to help my felow humans in creating harmony between themselves and their environment, the Earth. This passion to learn, this passion of service, it is burning inside of me. The time has come for me to move on to travel through out the world giving my blood, sweat, and tears to people’s efforts for a happier life. I will dedicate my life to serving other EcoVillages, sustainable homesteads, and intentional communities for however long this passion exists within me.”

Apollo receiving training at Green Fire headquarters! 🙂

This statement of intent is what the Founder of Green Fire, Rev. Darlene Green, read one day on her news feed and knew that Apollo would be the perfect Ambassador for Green Fire EcoMinistry. Apollo came to Green Fire headquarters in Colorado and given preliminary orientation, training, and resources that he would need to embark upon a communities tour with a mission to connect, network, vision weave, and share resources with communities and projects that are happening globally.  Apollo is an officially ordained minister and has received deep ecology, permaculture, and non-denominational spiritual training.  He is an extremely hard worker with an unquenchable desire to learn and has many skills that makes him an asset to any community he visits.

online_education_1The main mission of course is to relationship build and share resources with the many amazing communities, organizations, education centers, impact hubs, and EcoVillages that are growing as fast as our collective desire for a better world is.

ProgramBannerApollo began his tour at The Farm in Tennessee with long time tribe friends and the EcoVillage Training Center.  You can read about Apollo’s journey on the main blog,