shadow Rev. Darlene Green is a licensed minister and a Sustainable Community Developer with over a decade of experience traveling, working, and living in sustainable communities in the United States.

She founded Green Fire-7 Generations Ministry from 2000-2006.  In 2006 the eco-ministry went into what she called a ‘hibernation cocoon’ so that she could focus her energies on launching a public benefit corporation SeThInk Media (now ReGenesis Media), a digital publishing company that produces online media related to sustainable living.

In 2008 she teamed with her brother Element Green and launched the Interdependent Project, an online multi-media web portal that advocates and promotes sustainable living. She led a team in launching the private Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Communities online network which enabled communities to connect, network, and share resources.The media company also sponsored and managed the Transition California Network, Believe Africa Community, Earth Charter Community Network, and the Planet Earth Scouts Community.

As an activist she has been primary and assistant organizer for a multitude of sustainability focused events, political campaigns, student clubs, fund-raisers, and gatherings. Her formal education includes communications studies with emphasis on group communication and public speaking as well as training as a professional life coach. Her experiences homeschooling her 2 sons and witnessing their amazing creative abilities has turned her into a passionate advocate for alternative education programs and child-led learning.

Darlene’s stated life mission is to lend her energy and resources to the further development of EcoVillage communities so that families can work, live, grow, and play together in an environment that is connected with the natural world in ways that restore and foster natural health and balance.  In 2015 it was unanimously decided that the time had come to rekindle the Green Fire flames and Green Fire EcoMinistry relaunched in 2015 to once again blaze trails towards a balanced, peaceful, just, and sustainable future.