Earth Stewards

What is an Earth Steward?

An Earth Steward is any human being who has vowed to herself or himself that they are willing to take responsibility for caring for our Earth and all life.

In the caring for Earth we become Stewards.

This “caring” is expressed in as many ways as there are individual stewards and cannot be defined for any individual.

Prayer for the Earth, planting trees, and connection with the spirit of nature are all forms of stewardship. Environmental cleanup, protection and preservation are also forms of stewardship. Scientific research into ecological systems and technologies geared towards healing our Earth is stewardship as well. An Earth Steward can work to fulfill his/her vow in whatever creative approach fulfills this vow for them. Their vow becomes their life mission and all activities, dreams and pursuits are in harmony with this vow.  An Earth Steward is a human being that stands in the power, protection and authority of the Laws of the Universe and can invoke this authority on behalf of their mission to fulfill their purpose.

 Earth Steward Vow:

We are here today to honor and remember the Vow that we have made prior to our present incarnation upon Earth.
This Vow we will now embrace once again with full memory of our intended mission and reason for incarnating.
The Earth invited us here to assist her in her awakening and healing
and our purpose is and always will be to Steward and serve the Earth.

As Stewards of the Earth we remember our vow to:

  • Uphold always the principles of Love in all that we do.
  • Be of service to spirit.
  • Be of service to one another’s highest good.
  • Always seek healing for our wounds, knowing that as we heal ourselves we heal our Earth.
  • Always seek to make our choices with the next7 generations’ children in our hearts and mind.
  • Always strive to see the beauty and create beauty in any environment we find ourselves in.
  • Respect the diversity in all creation.