Child8“In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our choices on the next 7 generations”~ Creed of the Iroquois

Real Region

(Creed: Any system of principles or beliefs)

Nature7Nature13What is happening today around all major religions can be compared to the process of gold extraction used by miners. When put under the right temperatures all the slag, or impurities, begin to boil over and slough off the top leaving the pure gold in the bottom. Every major religion has gold in the root of its beginnings and over the course of time they became inundated with impurities – but the gold was there and still is.    The word “religioncan be changed to have a different meaning. This meaning would be a personal connection with one’s deepest self and their relationship the their natural environment.

Religion becomes “Real Region”


Nature18Nature15Real Region’ is the prayers or the song that you sing throughout a lifetime of feeling connection to one’s family, tribe, community and most important the land (region) you live on.

It is your connection to the source of power from the place in which you find yourself. Your existence as a human being living on planet Earth. Look at history – when the original caretakers from any region were removed from the land so that resource extraction could take place. The result was the land become vulnerable to abuse and became unloved.

Nature14Nature17This is what the Earth suffers from now. The displacement of people and their ability to feel truly connected to the land (region) they live in. If we want to keep the spirit of any religion we call our own alive we must have our basic connection of lovefor our environment intact or we have no footing to stand upon – literally!

Green Fire is not about starting anything new. The love of the Earth among people who live here has stayed alive throughout millennia. Green Fire is about weaving all the information that has accumulated over the last centuries – the gold – so that we can forward ourselves as a species under one ‘Real Region’ that holds all the ‘religions’.

4_directions_seasonsGreen Fire Four Directions Creed:

East:  We strive to make each choice in our lives today with utmost consideration of the impact it will have upon the future well being of all life.
South:  We strive to connect with the land and our roots in ways that foster a deepening of our sense of belonging and bond with all life.
West:  We strive to give more than we take so that there will always be abundance for all life.
North:  We strive to honor the diversity in life and respect the differences that we encounter in our human family and all life.