AnimaLogoThe Anima School & Website are dedicated to assisting the awakening, healing and bettering of ourselves, our families, communities, and the natural world that we are each a part and extension of.  Anima provides crucial insights, practical skills and usable tools for living more healthy and conscious, meaningful and mission-filled lives… teaching plant medicine, nature awareness and deep-living skills that further self empowerment and re-connection, purpose and calling, wholeness and satisfaction.

Herbal & Lifeways components draw their wisdom as well as inspiration directly from the source, from the living earth, its plant and animal constituents and inter-dynamic ecosystems, from our own own instinctual bodies and intuitive hearts, from measured experience and revealing practice. While this work is clearly not for everyone, it’s possible that what you need at this point will be found here. We recommend you begin your explorations with an understanding of the Anima perspective and overview of the available opportunities on the Anima Programs and Approach.

Green Fire EcoMinistry supports and endorses Anima Lifeways & Herbal School as well as recognizes their education and work as the highest level of Earth Stewardship any Green Fire member or minister can attain.  Please visit their website and support their work directly with your donation.