2-22 Green Fire Story

2-22-2002 was a very special day for Green Fire EcoMinistry.  It was 222 days after 9/11 and the whole world was plunged into the age of terrorism…but in a quiet desert oasis community called Windspirit the founder of Green Fire was immersed in a parallel world it seemed.

Green Fire organizes and operates on the Sacred Tzolkin Mayan calendar which means that ‘time’ is a bit different for Green Fire Earth Stewards.  In the Tzolkin ‘weeks’ are not measured by 7 days – instead it is 13 days called ‘wavespells’.  Each wavespell is governed by a ‘solar glyph’ – an archetypal energy that has specific attributes similar to signs of the Zodiac.   It is on the 12th day of the wavespell that is called the ‘Crystal’ day that is optimum for gatherings and events because that day is governed by the principle of ‘cooperation’.

So 2-22-2002 was a Blue Crystal Eagle day in the ‘dreamspell count’….(more on the different ‘counts’ later when we add content on the Mayan Calendar…)  On this day Rev. Cavallara and her paradigm shifting co-conspirators set up for a prayer/celebration gathering in the sacred ceremony area at Windspirit.  The gathering brought out the drums, flutes, guitars and loving hearts to form a circle in the warm afternoon of the desert late winter.

It was at this gathering that a very special spontaneous ceremony occurred that would seed a gestalt of prayers that would grow into tidal waves of momentum for Green Fire……these prayers happened with laughter and love as each person passed around a round mirror that had precariously balanced on its flat surface two objects – a crystal matrix and a crystal ‘key’….. Each person held the mirror and while gazing upon their own reflection and keeping the crystals from toppling spoke out loud their own individual prayers for:

  • The ReGeneration of our Earth
  • The proliferation of EcoVillages
  • The strong bond of human tribe
  • The fulfillment of our collective transition
  • The healing of families
  • The heart songs of all creatures to be heard
  • and…The return of the Buffalo

These were just some of the intentions of those prayers and after the music and celebration was over the ‘Key and Matrix’ was given to the founder of Green Fire to steward….this meant to Rev. Cavallara that she was to carry the torch of these prayers during the long journey ahead.

Many spins of the Tzolkin have happened on the spiral of time and this 2-22 was a full circle – on this day 2-22-2018 Green Fire Ambassador Apollo is at Windspirit Community 3 ‘half’ decades later as a representative of Green Fire’s evolution and commitment – Apollo is the Green Fire torch runner for the same prayers.

On this very special day Rev. Cavallara in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado closed her eyes and relived that very special gathering in her heart/mind and when she opened her eyes she saw the text message that Apollo had sent that included photos of him in the very same sacred ceremony area and in that moment those two ‘time cells’ merged and the Green Fire grew brighter….

Gratitude and deep appreciation to all Earth Stewards everywhere who have kept the flame alive – our world is making the ‘Great Transition’ a reality…..’we have no power to stop that which a force greater than ourselves has set into motion…..”